Dandelion Coffee

The essence of that coffee taste is a roasted flavour. Acorns are a good choice – so is dandelion root. 1. Harvest and Wash Dig up as many taproots as you can. The bigger the plant, the likely that the root is older. The older the root, the likely it is bigger. Wash the roots […]

Summertime Drinks: A Canadian Mint Julep

Whisky is a great drink. But whisky straight is best reserved for the fall and winter months to warm the soul. In the hot weather, sometimes a cocktail is more enjoyable. A mint julep is a simple classic cocktail that’s easy to make in the summer time: Find a mint plant. Mint is impossible to […]

Movie Review: Burt’s Buzz

Burt’s Buzz: Burt was a lovable curmudgeon and his journey through life was thankfully captured in this documentary before his recent passing. In the documentary, he’s an unreformed aging hippy who never fell into that awful, post-hippy trap known as yuppism. He loves his dog, his land and his freedom. Burt always sought solitude and his […]