Movie Review: Burt’s Buzz

Burt’s Buzz: Burt was a lovable curmudgeon and his journey through life was thankfully captured in this documentary before his recent passing. In the documentary, he’s an unreformed aging hippy who never fell into that awful, post-hippy trap known as yuppism. He loves his dog, his land and his freedom. Burt always sought solitude and his […]

Movie Reviews: A Year in Burgundy & A Year in Champagne

Two different documentaries on two different wine-making regions of France by the writer, director, producer David Kennard, who produced one of my favourite documentaries, Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. The films are contrasts. Burgundy is a relatively warm and sunny winemaking region. Champagne is relatively cold and cloudy. Burgundy winemakers range from the highly technical entrepreneurs to […]