How to Make Wine at Home in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Fermentation and Flavouring At the beginning, you can add a clay called bentonite that will bond to positively charged proteins for increased clarity and decreased aromas. The negatively-charged bentonite will ride the CO2 bubbles created by the yeast, collecting proteins along the way. Once the bonded molecule reaches the top and the bubble […]

Dandelion Coffee

The essence of that coffee taste is a roasted flavour. Acorns are a good choice – so is dandelion root. 1. Harvest and Wash Dig up as many taproots as you can. The bigger the plant, the likely that the root is older. The older the root, the likely it is bigger. Wash the roots […]

DIY: the 5-minute Canadian Redneck Wine Rack

If you make your own wine, you’re going to need somewhere to store the 30-odd bottles. We’d all like a traditional grotto or high-end wine fridge, but an affordable alternative is tin cans. Cut off the top and bottom of the cans with a can opener. Measure the area you want to put the rack. Duct […]

Dried Apple Slices aka Apple Chips aka Apple Snaps

For much of year, the only decently priced fruit in Canada is apples. As much as I love apples, I don’t usually get through the whole bag. But apples are easy to preserve through dehydration and much cheaper than store-bought dried fruit. Ingredients: Apples An acid (lemon/lime juice, white or apple cider vinegar) Enough water […]