Brewing Beer 101

Brewing is like a lot of hobbies. It can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be; from all-encompassing kits to full grain brews. From the simplest syrups to the most exotic grains. From everyday stove top pots to mammoth brew pots. Never be intimidated by the brewing process. Every brew is […]

How to Make Wine at Home in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Fermentation and Flavouring At the beginning, you can add a clay called bentonite that will bond to positively charged proteins for increased clarity and decreased aromas. The negatively-charged bentonite will ride the CO2 bubbles created by the yeast, collecting proteins along the way. Once the bonded molecule reaches the top and the bubble […]

DIY: the 5-minute Canadian Redneck Wine Rack

If you make your own wine, you’re going to need somewhere to store the 30-odd bottles. We’d all like a traditional grotto or high-end wine fridge, but an affordable alternative is tin cans. Cut off the top and bottom of the cans with a can opener. Measure the area you want to put the rack. Duct […]

Dandelion Wine

Dandelion blossoms can be used to make a flower wine. Ingredients: 4 cups of dandelion blossoms 16 cups of water (1 gallon) 1 package of wine yeast 8 cups of refined cane sugar 1-3 citrus foods of your choice, sliced up (lemon, lime, orange) Recipe: 1) Forage dandelion blossoms: The wilderness would be the best […]