Making Wine or Hard Cider in Canada

I started making fruit wines at home to save money, but it turned out to be a fun hobby as well. You can also customize your wines. I’ve never found a commercial cider that suited my tastes because I find they are too light bodied and sugary for my own tastes. But homemade ciders are […]

Glorious Apples: dehydrate ’em, brew with ’em, vinegarize ’em

Ahhh apples. The “grapes” of most of Canada. So many uses. Pies. Cider. Cider vinegar. The worst flavour of lollipop. If you get a good sale on apples, find a crab apple tree in the bush or start your own orchard, you’re going to need to preserve those apples so they’ll keep over the winter. […]

Brewing: Yeast Starter

Yeasts are living organisms and react to their environment based on various conditions (e.g. temperature, nutrients, chemicals). You want your yeast to populate the wort as quickly as possible to prevent other organisms from taking over. By preparing a yeast starter, you give your brewing yeast a legs up on the competition and save money […]

How to Make Hard Cider in 3 Easy Steps

Hard cider, wine, beer. Delicious beverages that you can make at home to save money, consume better ingredients and enjoy as a fun hobby. I started making wine to save money. I also feel a lot less guilty using a homemade wine for a marinade. I then started making apple cider because commercial ciders are […]