Yeast energizer vs yeast nutrient

When you first get into making alcoholic beverages, the amount of information can be overwhelming. I want to clarify one group of additives that pop up from time to time, especially when making alternative kinds of wine. Yeast nutrients are a source of nitrogen (from diammonium phosphate and urea) added at the beginning of brewing […]

Brewing Beer 101

Brewing is like a lot of hobbies. It can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be; from all-encompassing kits to full grain brews. From the simplest syrups to the most exotic grains. From everyday stove top pots to mammoth brew pots. Never be intimidated by the brewing process. Every brew is […]

Brewing: Partial-Grain Belgian Ale Recipe

If Belgian beers can be distilled to one essential characteristic, it’s the specialty yeasts that offer all the fruity funkiness that has been bred out of other yeast styles for the sake of subtler yeast flavour and aroma. I’ve made a few Belgian beers so far and they’ve been popular with just about everyone. Here’s […]

Recipe: Spent Grain Granola

Recipe: 700ml of spent grain 100ml of oats 50ml of protein powder (hemp seed) 100ml of nuts 25ml of coconut oil 100ml of boiling water 200ml of honey Process: Mix dry ingredients Mix wet ingredients Bake until it meets your required texture. I like chewy granola so I baked it for an hour at 375. […]