Making Wine or Hard Cider in Canada

I started making fruit wines at home to save money, but it turned out to be a fun hobby as well. You can also customize your wines. I’ve never found a commercial cider that suited my tastes because I find they are too light bodied and sugary for my own tastes. But homemade ciders are […]

Glorious Apples: dehydrate ’em, brew with ’em, vinegarize ’em

Ahhh apples. The “grapes” of most of Canada. So many uses. Pies. Cider. Cider vinegar. The worst flavour of lollipop. If you get a good sale on apples, find a crab apple tree in the bush or start your own orchard, you’re going to need to preserve those apples so they’ll keep over the winter. […]

Dried Apple Slices aka Apple Chips aka Apple Snaps

For much of year, the only decently priced fruit in Canada is apples. As much as I love apples, I don’t usually get through the whole bag. But apples are easy to preserve through dehydration and much cheaper than store-bought dried fruit. Ingredients: Apples An acid (lemon/lime juice, white or apple cider vinegar) Enough water […]

How to Make Hard Cider in 3 Easy Steps

Hard cider, wine, beer. Delicious beverages that you can make at home to save money, consume better ingredients and enjoy as a fun hobby. I started making wine to save money. I also feel a lot less guilty using a homemade wine for a marinade. I then started making apple cider because commercial ciders are […]