I love sauerkraut. And it’s so easy to make. You just need a mixing bowl, a container that will contain a medium cabbage, a weight, cabbage, salt and water.

For a medium cabbage, you want about 2 tbsp of coarse salt (i.e. kosher salt). The size of coarse salt draws moisture out of the cabbage.

Remove the limp outer cabbage leaves and put aside for later.

Chop the cabbage to desired size.

In the mixing bowl, mix the cabbage and salt with your hands until the salt is more or less evenly distributed.

Pack the cabbage into the container.

The key to sauerkraut is keep it all below water to prevent oxidation (browning) and molding. You can buy fermenting stones, but you can just use the uncut limp outer leaves to hold the sauerkraut down. You’ll want to weigh down the limp leaves with a small glass (metal would react with the acid).

Enough water may extract from the cabbage within 24 hours, but if the cabbage still isn’t covered by water, you can make a brine solution of 1 cup of water to 1 tbsp of salt to cover it up.

You should ferment a minimum of 2 days before putting the sauerkraut in the fridge, but you can ferment it for weeks if you prefer. It all depends on what level of sourness you want.

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