Making Wine or Hard Cider in Canada

I started making fruit wines at home to save money, but it turned out to be a fun hobby as well. You can also customize your wines. I’ve never found a commercial cider that suited my tastes because I find they are too light bodied and sugary for my own tastes. But homemade ciders are […]

A Canadian’s Guide to the Basics of Alcohol Fermentation Equipment

The equipment is pretty basic and affordable, which you can get either online or at a home brew store. Here’s the list: Sanitizer: You can go about sanitizing your equipment a few ways. One old standard is diluted bleach. Bleach is basically a stabilized version of chlorine. There are other brew-specific chlorine-based sanitizers like Diversol, […]

A Canadian’s Guide to the Basics of Alcohol Fermentation and Booze Making

My goal here is to lay the groundwork for any basic fruit-based alcohol fermentation that you may want to do at home. I know I was overwhelmed when I first started, and I want to make it as simple and direct for you dear reader. The process is simple. Our species has been fermenting sugars […]