Gardening: Sprouting Seedlings

Most of Canada has a very short growing season. To take full advantage of gardening in our great country, you should start seedlings indoors to have plants ready the minute the frost breaks. Peppers can be grown through the spring, summer and early fall. Since pepper seeds are so abundant, you can start indoor seedlings […]

Movie Review: Burt’s Buzz

Burt’s Buzz: Burt was a lovable curmudgeon and his journey through life was thankfully captured in this documentary before his recent passing. In the documentary, he’s an unreformed aging hippy who never fell into that awful, post-hippy trap known as yuppism. He loves his dog, his land and his freedom. Burt always sought solitude and his […]

Gardening: General Canadian Planting Schedule

Canada is a vast landmass with a variety of growing zones. In some areas around Lake Ontario and the southern interior of British Columbia, grape vines can survive the winter. On the other extreme, some areas of the North have little or no growing season without greenhouses. Most Canadians live somewhere around the 4b to 6b planting zones. […]