Movie Reviews: A Year in Burgundy & A Year in Champagne

Two different documentaries on two different wine-making regions of France by the writer, director, producer David Kennard, who produced one of my favourite documentaries, Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. The films are contrasts. Burgundy is a relatively warm and sunny winemaking region. Champagne is relatively cold and cloudy. Burgundy winemakers range from the highly technical entrepreneurs to […]

Simple Beer-Batter (for Onion Rings or Other Foods)

I brew a lot of beer. Far too much to drink by myself. I can only give so much of it away to friends and family. A great use has been to include it in beer batters. Ingredients Bottle of beer (13oz) 2 cups of all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons of salt 0.5 teaspoons of pepper Optional […]

Disaster Prepping

Any number of events could cause a societal disaster. Cataclysmic climate change seems quite possible, whether it’s long-term anthropomorphic change, a nuclear winter from nuclear strikes, a volcano or super-volcano emitting vast quantities of greenhouse gases and/or particulates, an asteroid impact, or the natural climate change cycle of the planet. A pandemic could cause mass […]